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Designers use a complete range of skills and techniques studied over many years that include the design principles and elements, knowledge of products and finishes used in the building industry and a complete history and theory on 
the concept of colour.

 The principles of design evaluate each element in design, (magnificent vs mediocre and right vs wrong).

The principles of design are

Scale - Proportion - Rhythm - Emphasis - Balance - Harmony

Design elements are used by artisans of all types, including painters, sculptures, photographers and interior designers.They have been discovered and refined over the course of history and are considered elementary and critical to all areas of design.

The design elements are

Space - Shape - Line - Texture - Pattern - Light - Colour

In conclusion using both the design principles and elements, an interior designer can work with a client to help them achieve exactly what is right for them and their purpose.
The end result should be something beautiful to look at, yet functions to the exact needs of the client.

Urban Design Collective can help you create something that is unique to you and your space, while giving you the confidence to step outside the square and develop an interior that you will be truly proud of.